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June 2012 Meeting Minutes

Introductions – 23 members

Boat parade overview.


Discussion of the lake wide treatment (Flyer)

- in addition to the individual homeowner treatment – outside the 150ft maximum
- how to get the word out to everyone that LELIA is paying for this treatment
- donations
- fund raising efforts
- chemical treatment is the best option for this lake

Treasurer & membership report

- $1946
- $200 in donations so far
- 17 paid members so far
- need to increase membership rates

Secretary report

- minutes for the meetings are now online

Board election (VP, Treasurer, two Board members – Jerry, Kevin)

- unopposed – VP and treasurer
- unopposed - Jerry – Kevin – board members

Guest Speaker – Margy Pennings, President Lake Management Inc. who will discuss DNR grants and weed management

Dnr fees do not look like they’re going up
remove the $750 cap for a whole lake and charge $100 or more for treatment permit per household
fee increase discourages legal treatment by homeowners

curlyleaf pondweed
first treatment of 8.65 acres
the map used by the dnr was off
talked to dnr – and adjusted the treatment target for better effectiveness
probably 60 acres or more that needed treatment for offshore
new mapping will be available for lake treatment based on this year’s survey
lake treatment was for early treatment offshore only
shoreline treatment was done later when the curlyleaf pondweed was a bit more mature for better treatment of curlyleaf and other weeds along shoreline
offer early curlyleaf treatment to individual shorelines
or do later treatment to cover submerged weed treatment (curly and any other weeds present)
have to do the early offshore treatment due to dnr restrictions of only treating for curly so other weeds offshore are not affected
need years of treatment to properly control
weather affects the growth of curlyleaf – treatment based on water temp

dnr reimbursement is $150 per acre of treatment
current cost is $360 per acre to treat

fund raising done by other lake associations
pulltabs – 20k to 40k yearly raised
lake dinner – can raise a few thousand
offer donation on the individual shoreline treatment form from lake management

would the dnr let the association treat the entire lake? No
can the dnr backup why they say you can treat only so many acres or percentage? Haven’t gotten a clear answer from the dnr other than only 15% of weeds should be treated on a lake. Not backed by any factual data.

- Discussed who we’re trying to line up for next meeting as guests

- Adjournment

LELIA Meetings are held every other month from April to October at Ridgewood Bay
Time: 10:30am (meetings typically last less than an hour). Please show support for your lake by attending a LELIA Meeting

2017 Meeting Schedule:

April 15th
June 17th
Aug 19th
Oct 21st

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