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April 2012 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Introduction of present members 

Baldwin Township Fire Signs

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Carp Bounty for 2012

- $250 allocated for this year
- $2 per carp until the $250 max reached
- Participants can contact one of the board members to register their catch
- Other options? Netting was considered at one time, cost prohibative
- Vote passed

DNR Grant for offshore invasive species weed treatment

LELIA applied for and received approval to treat 8.65 acres offshore of curly-leaf pondweed in May 2012. The DNR grant will be $2,000 and cost to treat through Lake Management Inc is $3,114. LELIA will provide the difference in the cost to treat the designated offshore areas. There will be no DNR permit fees with this grant program.

We also anticipate approval to treat eurasian watermilfoil later this weason through a similar grant. This is a great opportunity to treat offshore invasive weeds, but concern is that LELIA will lack the funds to sustain these programs beyond a few seasons.

- How to sustain the cost
  - Donations
  - Fund raising
  - Talk to your neighbors
- Guarantee of grants for future years?
  - DNR more likely to approve grant following years to same lake
  - More funding have been given to AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) division of the DNR
- Vote passed to fund treatments

Guest Speaker: Mike O'Connell with Lake Management Inc

- 2 to 5 thousand lakes in MN have CLP (Curly-leaf Pondweed)
- Information on CLP

Permits and Treatment on Little Elk Lake
- Offshore treatment this year
- Shoreline - Individual homeowners
- Benficial if both treatments are done
- 39 homeowners are having treatments this year
- 35 last yeat
- Permits are now issues by the Division of Ecological Services
- Allow greater than 60ft of shoreline? Not in the foreseeable future

Treatments will start in the next week or two
- Offshore and shoreline

How to improve treatment?
- Educate homeowners (brochure coming)


- Patronize local businesses

LELIA Meeting Minutes are now published to the website. To see the Minutes, please visit the Minutes Page in the Menu.

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