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Oct 2011 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Introduction of present members 

Carp Fishing Contest

- Current harvest has only removed 5 carp so far - While not a lot, more than ever before
- Current group of Carp bow Fishers are located in Coon Rapids - Makes for difficult organization of when the weather and conditions permit for good fishing
- Other options - Netting - Cost prohibitive and no guarantee of results

Secchi Disk Readings

- Optimum is 3 to 5 ft for this lake
- 3.1ft this year - uptrend
- Possibly due to the late ice out on April 12th - causing better early clarity

Guest Speaker - Alex Gehrig with Minnesota Waters

- MN Waters is a state wide non-profit organization
- Goal of MN Waters is to provide resources for lakeshore, river, and waterway owners

- Summit in November 2011 regarding the treatment invasive species - is it working?

Area of concern - Aquatic Invasive Species

- Control and prevention if the primary goal and concern
- Work directly with the DNR
- Statewide program increase

MN Waters works directly with Associations to create Lake Management Plans

- Improve current plan (if one is in place)
- Work with Soil & Water Districts and Watersheds for these plans

Q&A Session with Alex Gehrig

- Allow barrier at dam for carp control
    - That is a question for the DNR for allowance

- Grant - Help with getting one filled in and submitted
   - No direct grant support (for completion)
   - Can direct to those who can assist with Grant process
   - Need a Lake wide Vegetation Plan with the Association for grants
   - Possible to get into the next Grant Pilot Program

- Lake Minnetonka testing on three bays
   - Learned about how to better treat invasive species and what works better for lake type

- Why be a part of MN Waters (as an association or individual)
   - Offers workshops for a variety of lakeshore issues
   - Support the goals of MN Waters
   - Ability to lobby Gov't and share that information back to the membership


- Little Elk Lake merchandise will be available during the month of Nov with a 10% discount on order
- Patronize local businesses

Donate to combat invasive weeds

Would you like to help LELIA and the DNR combat invasive weeds on our lake? Donate and help us keep the lake clear of nuisance weeds.
Form is available here

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