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April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 20 members in attendance

Treasurer Report:

  • Previous Balance - $4,730.08
  • Deposits - $3,985.00
     - Sherburne Soil & Conservation District AIS Grant $2,700 (90% of the total $3,000 grant)                
     - Zimmerman Fire Department Donation $1,000
     - Weed Treatment Donations $210
     - Dues $75 (so far)
  • Checks/Payments - $68.00 (Annual PO Box Payment)
  • Ending Balance - $8,647.08 (as of 4/5/2017)

Planned Curly Leaf Pondweed Treatment 2017:

  • Received grant from Sherburne Soil & Conservation District AIS Grant for $3000
  • MN DNR approved treament fro 25.6 acres
  • 16.9 acres will be treated in April\May with Aquatic Solutions and a few LELIA volunteers.  
  • Treatment of three areas: north shore, Ridgewood Bay, and West bay areas.
  • See how new treatment method is working after second year

Carp Bounty:

  • Sean Hary posted to the LELIA Facebook page that they have removed 128 fish so far as of April 18 2017

Loop the Lake Update:

  • Andi was unable to attend to give an update for this year's event                   


  • Chris from Ann Lake spoke about new initiative
  • 60 people attended first brainstorming session
  • 8 months so far in a steering group
  • Goal is to start small and grow into a meaningful group
  • June 8th is the first meeting for new coalition - tentative - Becker History Center 6:30pm
  • Article about the new MN COLA
  • Should LELIA join? To be discussed

LELIA Board Election at June Meeting:

  • President, Secretary, 2 Board Members
  • Contact Dean if interested


  • Is LELIA involved in other projects?
     - Septic checks
     - Shoreline buffer
     - Water gardens
  • LELIA has been involved in some of the items above through Sherburne SWCD

Donate to combat invasive weeds

Would you like to help LELIA and the DNR combat invasive weeds on our lake? Donate and help us keep the lake clear of nuisance weeds.
Form is available here

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