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April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 20 members in attendance

Treasurer Report:

  • Previous Balance - $4,730.08
  • Deposits - $3,985.00
     - Sherburne Soil & Conservation District AIS Grant $2,700 (90% of the total $3,000 grant)                
     - Zimmerman Fire Department Donation $1,000
     - Weed Treatment Donations $210
     - Dues $75 (so far)
  • Checks/Payments - $68.00 (Annual PO Box Payment)
  • Ending Balance - $8,647.08 (as of 4/5/2017)

Planned Curly Leaf Pondweed Treatment 2017:

  • Received grant from Sherburne Soil & Conservation District AIS Grant for $3000
  • MN DNR approved treament fro 25.6 acres
  • 16.9 acres will be treated in April\May with Aquatic Solutions and a few LELIA volunteers.  
  • Treatment of three areas: north shore, Ridgewood Bay, and West bay areas.
  • See how new treatment method is working after second year

Carp Bounty:

  • Sean Hary posted to the LELIA Facebook page that they have removed 128 fish so far as of April 18 2017

Loop the Lake Update:

  • Andi was unable to attend to give an update for this year's event                   


  • Chris from Ann Lake spoke about new initiative
  • 60 people attended first brainstorming session
  • 8 months so far in a steering group
  • Goal is to start small and grow into a meaningful group
  • June 8th is the first meeting for new coalition - tentative - Becker History Center 6:30pm
  • Article about the new MN COLA
  • Should LELIA join? To be discussed

LELIA Board Election at June Meeting:

  • President, Secretary, 2 Board Members
  • Contact Dean if interested


  • Is LELIA involved in other projects?
     - Septic checks
     - Shoreline buffer
     - Water gardens
  • LELIA has been involved in some of the items above through Sherburne SWCD

LELIA Meetings are held every other month from April to October at Ridgewood Bay
Time: 10:30am (meetings typically last less than an hour). Please show support for your lake by attending a LELIA Meeting

2017 Meeting Schedule:

April 15th
June 17th
Aug 19th
Oct 21st

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