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August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 18 members in attendance
  • Sue moves to board member as she sold her house
  • Heydi is a new board member (also a Marine Biologist)

Treasurer Report:

  • Balance from April at $4,168
  • Only have 20 paid members (membership information and form on website)
  • Submitted for 2017 donation from Zimmerman Fire Dept (1k). Should find out approval in Sept

Curly Leaf Pondweed Treatment 2016:

  • 14.9 acres treated in April with Aquatic Solutions training a few LELIA volunteers.  
  • Treated three areas: north shore, Ridgewood Bay, and West bay areas.
  • It is believed that this the first time ever that CLP has not matted on surface and been a nuisance.
  • We now control the date and weather conditions on when to treat for ideal treatment
  • Permit fee for individual shoreline treatment will not be paid by shoreline owner

Carp Bounty:

  • Kevin talked about the carp guys
  • Have money set aside for carp bounty
  • Person who lives in the NW corner of lake does carp bow fishing
  • Removed 40 to 50 carp and dogfish as well
  • Doesn't want the bounty, they do it for the sport of it
  • Benefit of living on the lake, can fish for carp when they want to

Andie on Loop the Lake and other items:

  • 3rd year
    96 participants
    added the 5k version
    expenses (shirts) added some overhead from prior years $2436
    Raised with sponsors and all participants - $1363 after expenses
  • Zebra Mussel testing done for the first year on lake as part of scswc
    Tested in three areas on the lake (boat landing, middle of lake, battle brook inlet)
    11 lakes in sherburne county did the testing
    Results will be released later this year
    Check your docks and lifts when you take your items in this fall
  • COLA
    Aug 29th - sponsored by sherburne country
    Gathering of lake associations in the county
  • Updating our logo
    Keep the elk as part of the logo?
    Will discuss possible logo suggestions                     

Ice Cream Social on North End of Lake:

  • Held last month on the north side of the lake
  • Meet and greet
  • Get to your know your neighbor, build an emergency contact list of the neighbors
  • Raised $122 this year


LELIA Meetings are held every other month from April to October at Ridgewood Bay
Time: 10:30am (meetings typically last less than an hour). Please show support for your lake by attending a LELIA Meeting

2017 Meeting Schedule:

April 15th
June 17th
Aug 19th
Oct 21st

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