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April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 22 members in attendance

Board and Treasurer Report:

  • 45 paid members goal this year - 35 last year
  • $4203 in donations last year for offshore weed treatment
  • Donations to treat lake wide weeds - $1000 from Zimmerman Fire Dept, $1978 from Loop the Lake event

Invasive Weed Treatment 2016:

  • LELIA no longer covering DNR treatment fee for individual shoreline treatment
  • Found CLP in treatment areas in a check this morning (still small in size this early in the year)
  • No grant money from the DNR this year
  • Maybe funds will be avail in future years
  • $3200 avail for treatment this year
  • Self application of treatement through aquat solutions
  • Treat 15 acres offshore this year
  • Will continue to treat areas that have been treated fro the past 3 to 4 years
  • Treatment areas are out of the flowage route from inlet\outlet for best results
  • Able to treat around 25% of actual problem area with funds available
  • Fundraising goal for next year is around 5k
       - Zimmerman Fire Dept
       - Loop the Lake size keeps increasing
       - Increase funds from other sources
  • Need neighborhood leaders that are part of LELIA (not just board members) to spread the word and raise awareness
  • Looking for volunteers to do this around the lake
  • CLP is small right now, and not visible in 6ft deep of water
  • Will need to consult with Aquatic Solutions - Do we rake in suggested treatment areas first?
  • Individual home owners looking at using Aquatic Solutions for shoreline treatment
  • Some home owners are donating the amount they were paying for individual treatment to offshore treatment instead

Carp Bounty:

  • 4th year now offered bounty on carp
  • No payments were made last year

Secchi Disk Data:

  • File will be updated on website shortly to be current to 2015 readings

Loop the Lake:

  • 3rd year in 2016
  • 70 participants last year
  • July 2nd
  • Looking for Volunteers - course marshals
  • Raised $1978 for weed treatment last year
  • Can register on race morning (Ridgewood Bay)
  • Will be adding a second (shorter) course this year

Sherburne Soil and Water Conservation District - Tree and Plant Sales

  • Info can be found on their website

Need for new board members

  • Jerry is retiring from the board
  • Sue will be leaving the board as well


LELIA Meetings are held every other month from April to October at Ridgewood Bay
Time: 10:30am (meetings typically last less than an hour). Please show support for your lake by attending a LELIA Meeting

2017 Meeting Schedule:

April 15th
June 17th
Aug 19th
Oct 21st

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