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June 2015 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

Board and Treasurer Report:

  • 45 paid members goal this year - 40 last year
  • 21 paid members so far - well below the goal

Weed Treatment 2015:

  • 14.5 acres treated this year
  • Permit fee of the DNR is no longer going to be capped with a limit
  • Permit fee will no longer be capped
  • LELIA looking to no longer pay the fee as part of membership
  • Board will vote on that change
  • Board looking into different options for offshore treatment
  • First treatment for individual homes done

Board Membership Elections:

  • 4 seats up for re-election at this meeting
  • No new volunteers
  • Mass vote and all current board members up were re-elected

Loop the Lake - 2nd Year

  • 30 people signed up so far
  • Looking to have 60 + people signed up day of race

Guest speaker: Craig Mueller, Aquatic Solutions of MN

  • If we switch, increase treatment area by 30%
  • Option to train lakeshore owners to treat themselves
  • Only pay for product use to treat (offshore and lakeshore owners)
  • Better control lake wide
  • Discussed block treatment options (section of lakeshore owners combining to treat an whole area)
  • Discussed how to raise funds
  • How to increase lakewide awareness


LELIA Meeting Minutes are now published to the website. To see the Minutes, please visit the Minutes Page in the Menu.

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