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June 2014 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 19 members in attendance

Board Goals:

  • 45 paid members
  • Donations to treat lake wide weeds
  • Attempt to increase treatment - double digit acres
  • More fund raisers - different ideas

Treasurer's Report

  • Paid members in 2014 so far 8
  • 2 new business members

Board Member Elections

  • Brian\Andie - Vice President
  • Sue - Treasurer
  • Jerry - Board Member
  • Kevin - Board Member

All unopposed and re-elected. 

DNR Grant and treatment of aquatic weeds:

  • $1000 grant money this year
  • Lower amount than prior years do to increase in other lakes participating in grant program
  • CLP more of an issue than milfoil
  • Treated 8 acres this year - spread across the three sections of the lake. Determined by Lake Management survey
  • Aquatic Solutions - possible option to lower treatment costs, allowing for treatment of more acres. Volunteer powered solution, lowering the cost by as much as $75 per acre of treatment.

    Shoreline treatment done this week.

Carp bounty:

  • 60 turned in for bounty so far this year - 300% increase over the last few years

Guest speaker:

  • Loop the Lakes 9k
  • Andie Bumgarner and Jamie Grant
  • Inaugural Year
  • LoopTheLake
  • Looking Volunteers - course marshals
  • 16 signups so far
  • 50 is the goal
  • Can register on race morning (Ridgewood Bay)


LELIA Meeting Minutes are now published to the website. To see the Minutes, please visit the Minutes Page in the Menu.

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