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October 2013 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 18 members in attendance

Treasurer's Report

  • Paid members in 2013 so far   39
  • Member donation for weed control for 2013    $590.00
  • Zimmerman Fire Department Pull Tabs Donation    $1000.00

Secchi Disk Update

  • 2013 average 2.5 ft
  • Last year average 2.7 ft
  • Discussed watershed current flow and possible options to change path. One plan was looked at but was cost prohibitive and wouldn't enhance or improve water quality
  • No current projects are planned for diverting or changing flow

Carp bounty:

  • 19 carp officially claimed this year, thank you Travis
  • Last year paid out for 17 carp, increase from the year before
  • Also removed multiple dogfish and suckers
  • Carp bounty was donated back to LELIA by Travis for weed control

Guest speaker:

  • Jay Swanson - Baldwin Township Supervisor Chair

    Discussed relocating the boat launch
    Created rain garden at the launch to help reduce sediment flow directly into the lake

    142nd St project
    Installing a baffle to filter out the sediment
    Asphalt on the road
    Grant from Sherburne County Soil & Water Conservation District to help offset the cost of project
    Tapered to force the water to goto the baffle

    138th and 290th – Discussed sediment issue on roads, possible maintenance issue

    Baldwin Township has its own planning commission
    Sherburne county cannot change rules for local ordinances\permits
    Planning and zoning will be controlled locally
    In the works to happen over the next couple years

    Attempt to work on multiple issues around the lake
    - setbacks from the county – some properties are unable to conform
    - sewer and water
    - septic issues on older properties

    Questions on local road projects, County 9 and on east side of Elk Lake (County 87)


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