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June 2013 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 27 members in attendance

Treasurer's Report

  • Paid members in 2013 so far   30
  • Member donation for weed control for 2013    $475.00

Curlyleaf Pondweed and Eurasian Watermilfoil - DNR Grant Treatment Update

  • Last year we had grants of 2k for each clp and ewm
  • Lowered grant to 1500 total for this year
  • No ewm treatment this year...all funds went to clp
  • Treated 9 acres
  • Had 40+ acres of treatable area
  • Lake Management determined where to treat this year
  • Focus treatment on the same areas for a few years to kill that area completely
  • Hope for next year, treat double digit acres
  • Ask groups and organizations about donations to increase funds

Carp bounty:

  • Carp bounty $2 per fish again this year - max $250 - yes vote
  • Last year paid out for 17 carp, increase from the year before

Election Results

  • 4 seats were up for re-election
  • President
  • Secretary
  • 2 director positions
  • All positions unopposed - current board members re-elected

Discussed boat parade for upcoming 4th of July - Ridgewood Bay is leading the charge for event

Guest speaker:


LELIA Meeting Minutes are now published to the website. To see the Minutes, please visit the Minutes Page in the Menu.

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