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October 2012 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

  • 20 members in attendance

Treasurer's Report

  • 22 people had individual weeds treated who have not paid membership dues
  • $1850 so far in donations for whole lake treatment including $1000 donation from Zimmerman Fire Department

Curlyleaf Pondweed and Eurasian Watermilfoil

  • We have over 40 acres of treatable Curlyleaf Pondweed on the lake
  • Need increase in membership to help offset the costs

Remember to sign up for 2013 Individual Homeowner Weed treatment. Same rates as the 2012 treatment. If you need an application mailed to you, please email us and ask for an application or print from the website


Carp Bounty

  • 15 carp harvested so far
  • 22 sucker fish also harvested this fall
  • Trying to improve water quality with the reduction of rough fish
  • Bow fishing is happening right now (Oct) due to the water quality improvement in the fall.


Tiffany Determan – Sherburne Soil and Water Conservation

Lake water quality trends

  • water clarity is trending up (better quality)
  • still below state standard for a lake of this type
  • less phosphorus in the water according to testing


Battle Brook

  • Work being done by the Pollution Control Agency and DNR
  • Habitat is not supporting the expected species (fish and invertebrates)
  • Too many nutrients in the watershed
  • Dam on the lake is actually causing issue upstream (change in habitat)


Water Quality Improvement Projects

  • Shoreline Buffers
  1. Buffer project updates
  2. One project us underway right now
  3. Two more projects to start next year
  • Rain Gardens
  1. West Access landing

Stormwater runoff Reduction is the goal of both of these project types

- Adjournment

LELIA Meeting Minutes are now published to the website. To see the Minutes, please visit the Minutes Page in the Menu.

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