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August 2012 Meeting Minutes

Welcome and introductions

Treasurer's Report

  • 29 paid members this year
  • Try to get that # higher
  • Donations for weed treatment - $600 so far

Weed treatment and DNR Grants

  • Treated the two species , curlyleef pondweed and eurasian watermilfoil
  • 8.65 acres for curly treated this year
  • 40 + acres can be treated (meet the requirements for treatment stated by the DNR)
  • Increase funding via donations to match funding from the DNR


  • Treated 5 acres this year
  • Not as prolific as the curly - yet
  • Activity might increase as curly is treated - allows for better growth during the season

Who decides where to treat? Need an approved map created by DNR or a place like Lake Management
After initial treatment we'll have a better map of troublesome areas to submit for grant treatment
Might meet next level of grant with a higher treatment area

Mailing flyer going out in Sept asking for donations or to join association

285th Landing Update

  • Baldwin Township poured a concrete slab for the landing to improve landing
  • Had to deal with runoff from the gravel roads that feed down to the landing
  • Rain garden established to catch the runoff to keep from running directly into lake
  • Has reduced available parking at that location

Surprise Guest Speaker: Sondra Erickson Dist 16A State Representative

  • Redistricting will be bringing in more of sherburne county into this district
  • Legacy funding is available for grants like the DNR one
  • DNR gets a large chunk of the Legacy funding
  • Also check with your utilities companies for possible grants

Many dealings with the DNR as being in Mille Lacs County and DNR issues on the lake
Little Elk Lake is part of the 1837 treaty - that is being part of a proposed new treaty
DNR needs to be our voice to these new treaty negotiations

DNR permit fee increase - will it come back up?
Yes - part of life and how the DNR and gov't works

Discussions of dredging in certain areas of the lake and who to talk re: permits and allowances

- Adjournment

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